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Evolution of an Adventurer

Have you ever doubted yourself? Do you have the limiting belief that you don’t have what it takes to step fearlessly toward the mystery of the unknown? Qualities of a fearless explorer include optimism, patience, idealism and courage – the same characteristics we employed while playing as children. If we have experience with what makes a great adventurer, why are many of us now plagued with monotony in life?

In this video you will learn how we became separated from our true purpose, the consequences of listening to the mainstream instead of our inner hunches and why we adopted a dull life. Once you embrace the truth, you will begin to move with clarity into perfect alignment with your imagination, and wake up the inner desire for play that helps create a life you love

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More than Just Words

Wordsmithing for Dave Letterfly Knoderer began in the eighties with colorful copy for marketing his mural painting skills to an emerging demographic leaving behind contemporary life to launch themselves into the itinerate RV lifestyle. Dave created captivating ad copy using references to the romance of the road, the excitement of being on an adventure and explaining the passion that occurs while exploring faraway places using the same painterly techniques that captured the illusion of form, spaciousness and an inner emotive feel in his vibrant paintings.

Moved as an author, Letterfly began manipulating ideas, concepts and feelings into words that capture, motivate and introduce the reader to the elusive concept of inner propulsion, the instinctual rite of passage and the hidden power that drives our lives through the linear concept of time, the spaciousness of this universe and the extremes of our emotive environment.

These ideas, introductions and concepts were just the beginning of his rhetorical musings. These reflections have gathered momentum and have resulted in an incredible upcoming book;


Hit the road and thrive is all about living the dream, the value of having regard for others and conducting a successful business while living an interesting life on the road. Plus, Dave expands on specific areas of expertise including visual branding, establishing value in the mind of the consumer, word of mouth, signs that work, using social media to your advantage, etc. As the title implies, this book is organized into the seven aspects of achieving success on the road, the first of which is “were.” 

“The smartest thing I ever did was run away and join the circus”

Dave Letterfly Knoderer

Dave credits his experiences as a teenager with the circus for teaching him how to travel. He goes on to explain that traveling is more than just getting into the car and going somewhere. While immersed in making one-day-stands with the old time big top circus a special oneness with the road, a new relationship with time and the resulting connection with his surroundings became almost Zen-like.

It is a fact that today, many men and women are dreaming of a future that includes living, loving, working and traveling in an RV. Hit the road and thrive promises to serve this portion of an emerging demographic by providing a functional step by step portal through which readers will find the answers to their longing to hit the road and a practical manner of living the life of their dreams.

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Tales of a Traveling Airbrush


These stories chronicle the life of the artist growing up as a child in the Midwest, reveal the adventures of his years drumming with the circus, performing with dancing horses, as well as when he was an apprentice to the sign lettering trade. You will read about the incidents that lead to Letterfly becoming the foremost motor home mural artist in the country and the creative accomplishments that continue today with the motorcycle crowd, the seminars, painting workshops and speeches he gives that inspire others.

More than Just Living an Interesting Life.


What makes a great story? How about a behind the scenes peek that reveals the romance of being on the road, the excitement of going headlong into the unknown and the emotional tension of coping with disastrous incidents that obstruct the momentum of this colorful life, gleaned first-hand from actual experiences on the circus?

Have you ever pondered living a life filled with extensive travel, experienced the excitement of wondering what is around the next bend and became completely immersed with the idea of doing fascinating things in faraway places? Have you witnessed a kaleidoscopic multiple horse liberty presentation under the big top, evidence of hours of patient training, laughed at the antics of a little mule who seemingly outwitted his befuddled and cantankerous clown trainer during a performance at the circus? Have you been awestruck while watching a man riding a high-stepping, dancing-prancing, trained to the upper-level Haute E’cole horse?

Dave began to write stories about the questions he had as a child, lessons learned on the road of life, the value of becoming an alcoholic, how sinking into the depths of depression and hitting rock bottom placed him on a firm foundation for rebuilding his life based on a personal relationship with a loving essence and learning to use the gifts we have been given in the way they were intended.    Over the years, Dave accumulated enough material for one book – and then two. And, he is still writing. Then, he wanted to do more.

“When the road of life curves ahead…lean into it!”

In his first book Speedy hurled through havoc adventure, excitement and interesting possibilities are waiting for you. From the safety of your arm chair, you will read about the glamourous, exciting and often dangerous world of the circus. Also revealed is the devastation that dropped him into the depths of despair that ultimately introduced the foundation where he found his true purpose, a restoration to a love for his father and usefulness to others that facilitated his new rise into stardom.

Today, Dave’s mission is to inspire, teach and entertain, so you too can open the door to your heart. Your heart has something to say. If you are not listening, perhaps these stories of adventure, creativity and hope will help open the door for you to follow your heart.

Following his dream led straight into his greatest challenge

What makes a young man abandon everything to head out on the highway? Using the road as a metaphor, the author reveals reflections, discoveries and notions of an interesting life that took off like a rocket when he followed that inner urging and hit the road.

This on the road memoire reveals the surprise twists and turns of an interesting life that ultimately led to love. As the future without the circus unfolded, the author evolved into the premier producer of airbrushed murals, gold leaf monograms and delicate hand painted inscriptions on motorhomes using the skills learned on the show-business trail.  

Today Letterfly is a renowned motorcycle pinstripe artist, speaker and spiritual seeker in the modern world of gigabytes, impulsive distractions and emerging societal insanity.

Here’s what people are saying;

Why You Need This Book . . .


The surprise twists and turns of life lead to anger, pain, and disappointment, but ultimately to love and restoration. These coming-of-age stories celebrate the transformation from the dysfunction and trauma of the past, to the joy and fulfillment that result from unexpected encounters and experiences. 

Every life is different, but chances are you can relate to:

  • The father who causes anger and frustration
  • A disturbing family dynamic
  • The boy who withdraws from friends because of embarrassment
  • Feelings of inadequacy and rebellion
  • Life as a misfit
  • The decision to run away in order to find oneself

Read about the excitement, pleasure, and danger of traveling and performing with the circus. The secret world of imagination caused by the turbulence between father and son. A series of influential people who touched the life of a young man, giving him courage and direction.

What is it like to hit bottom as an alcoholic, and find yourself forced to make some hard decisions? Is it even possible to discover true meaning in life, and reach a point of happiness?

Take a journey with Dave “Letterfly” Knoderer, a man who was broken in many ways, yet managed to find a path towards the light. The conclusion is one of hope and enlightenment that will leave you wondering about your own trek down the Road of Life.

Future Books


Circusing the Seventies

Takes the reader on a turbulent adventure as boy turns into man. An inspired teen is introduced to timelessness while painting decorative designs on the circus fleet and drumming in the circus band. He becomes fascinated with what the horse trainers enroll the animals to do. Becoming immersed in this fascinating trade, he finds principles of regard, encouragement and principles of love in harmony between trainer and animal. Encouraged by others he begins a lifelong passion of learning all aspects of classic horsemanship, developing skills as a trainer and presenter of liberty, manage and dancing horses with emphasis on the circus performing arts.

Confessions of a Galloping Snapper

A young circus performer enjoys intense moments of satisfaction in center ring, approval by vast audiences, the surge of living an interesting life but cannot quite adapt to the ebb and flow of life on the road. Extended periods of scarcity, clamor and loneliness increase as the world changes around him.  In desperation, he sells his beloved liberty horses, takes a gamble and finds a fascinating outlet for his relentless creative tendencies on the carnival midway.

 Combining the skills of the old-time sign painter with what he has learned traveling with the circus, the author discovers a way to thrive while living an interesting life. Success as an artist provides the means to resume his passion for classic horsemanship and his travels take him to the doors of incredible masters of the classic horsemanship culture. But danger awaits in the form of an amber beverage that gets a grip.

His rise to stardom comes with a price. At the zenith of his creative career, alcohol becomes a rapacious creditor and takes everything leaving him completely bankrupt, stranded and alone. From the depths of despair there is only one way to turn but that direction requires that he do things he has never done before; ask for help, discard old belief systems, embrace hope and strike out on a path of recovery that introduces him to a design for living that includes unselfish service to others.

 The momentum of selfless sobriety eventually rockets him to places he would never have found on his own. He returns to the circus ring and rises to stardom and an incredible opportunity opens up to pave the way for his becoming the most prolific RV airbrush artist of all time. 

One Man Show

The purpose of this book is to reveal how one man’s life lived as a reclusive, creative independent could only go so far. The futility of self-sufficiency becomes apparent through the story arch that ultimately brings the protagonist to his knees. Through the process of healing the dynamic that drove this fierce need to remain an island, the protagonist discovers a design for living his life connected to others that will inspire readers to embrace the paradigm of being at one with those around us and find our way to be of service – where our true purpose resides.

The Road Home

Frustrated as a teenager, turning his back on contemporary goals and rejecting his family of origin resulted in the author finding a fascinating world filled with unending adventure where his creative tendencies had a place to shine. The turbulence of life on the road with the circus introduced adventure, excitement and approval from others but deep inside a tormented soul there remained a secret longing. A longing for a place where he belonged.

 This boy-to-man story is filled with incredible achievements, devastating tragedy, being rejected by his pseudo family and becoming stranded in a foreign country. You will read about the surprising turn of events that propelled his quest that would ultimately reveal the inner longings of his heart that would not rest until he found the oneness, he didn’t know he was searching for.

This quest took him places he never would have found during the planning that took him across half of north America. But ultimately, he found it in the most unlikely place. The Road Home combines entertaining facets from a life filled with adventure, and reveals the miracle waiting for us when we let down our guard and become willing to receive that which is in front of us the whole time.

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